Upcoming Game Dates

2020 Event Dates

  • Year 2: April 10-12, June 26-28, October 2-4, November 20-22, 2020

Registration and Payment

Registration Options

Please review the various options below for registration. You may use the forms at the bottom of this page to register.

Adventurer or Townsperson?

The Isles offers a variety of options for players to be involved. The typical option most LARPers will select is "Adventurer," which grants access to the full site, module buildings, and wooded areas. However, for those with limited mobility or cannot participate in combat, we have a "Townsperson" option, which allows for participation within the tavern building, and on special occasions, within the module buildings. This option is available so that those within the community who might be suffering from injury or have mobility restrictions can still be involved.

Meals on Site

The Isles is happy to partner with Ye Olde Commons to provide meals for our patrons. All meal reservations can be made through Ye Olde Commons' website here: http://yeoldecommons.com/meal-reservations.htm

Season Pass

A year's worth of events (4 events) may be purchased up-front at a discounted rate. A Season Pass provides a total discount of $60 off for the Adventurer option ($20 off  per event) and $40 off for Townsperson option ($10 per event). By default, the Season Pass will be applied to the following 4 events, but if you would like to apply the pass to different dates, please list them in the comments section of the registration form. Season Passes can not be applied to more than one person per event and can only be used on events within a two-year span of purchase.

New Player Referral Program

The Isles LARP has a new player referral program. If you refer a new player to our game, both you and that player will earn a $20 discount for their first event! This discount stacks with both the pre-registration discount and all other discounts, including this one. So, for example, if you bring 5 new players to an event, and you are all at the "Adventurer" level, the new players' cost is $75 per person, and your cost is free! (A 5 x $20 discount to cover the $95 registration fee.) Please email admin@theisleslarp.org if you have any questions, or if you plan on bringing in multiple new players during an event.

Register For Events

Interested in NPCing?

Email NPC@theisleslarp.org to let us know you're coming! Even if you're not sure you can make the event, please let us know you'd like to attend. Pre-registered NPCs have their meals provided all weekend long, and letting us know ahead of time helps us to plan for how many volunteers we can utilize for the weekend. 

Interested in Playing?

Please fill out the form below, and our staff will confirm your registration within 48 hours.
Please also note that the prices below reflect a $20 discount for pre-registration. You may pre-register and pay at the door without any penalty, but registration at the door without notifying our staff that you will be attending (by filling out the form below or sending an email to admin@theisleslarp.org with your character name, race, and concept) will void this discount.

Registration and Payment