Post-Event Letter (PEL)


Post-Event Letters are important to the continuity of our game! Please let us know what we did right, and what we have to work on. Let us know what you're expecting in the future and what you'd like to see us tackle!

In-Between Game Skills (Research)

You may submit your In-Between Game Skills/Research Requests here!

In between game events, your character can perform certain tasks. This form will allow the staff to know what your characters have been up to. You may "spend" stamina from two of your pools on the following Endeavors:

Physical: You use your pStam to perform physical labors. For example, if you wanted to be working on fences so that your farmers can raise domesticated animals, that's a physical labor.

Mental: Especially in conjunction with scholarly skills, you can use your mStam to research the answers to questions. As an example, if you were testing a black rock that you found on a chaos being using School of Spirit, that would use mental stamina.

Spiritual: You can use your sStam to go on journeys, often to find out things that you can't work out through research and scholarly pursuits. For example, you might say that your character wants to find out what resources are common in the forest that borders the area near the Longhouse. In order to find out, you take a few weeks to explore. This would use sStam.

Production: Using your Production Stamina pool, you can do some crafting in order to make a bit of money.

In the form above, please let us know what you're doing and how much stamina you're putting towards the endeavor. Also let us know if you have any skills that you think might be helpful. You can also combine your points with someone else - just let us know if you're doing this. The more stamina you put into a single endeavor, the more of a result you're likely to get, and helpful skills make your Stamina more efficient. You'll receive the results at the beginning of the following event.

It's possible that the Endeavor you're working on can not be resolved in a single go. Whenever you start an Endeavor, the staff will assign it a certain difficulty which allows us to judge how much Stamina is required to complete it. (This number will not be divulged.) If you don't put enough Stamina in to complete an Endeavor, we'll let you know that you're still working on it.

FOR EXAMPLE: Bob the Fighter wants to work on a corral for livestock. He also wants to explore the island to see if there are any wild horses to catch, as well as to see if there are any wild pigs in the area. He has 8 pStam and spends it all on the corral. He only has 5 sStam, so he puts 3 sStam into looking for horses and 2 sStam into looking for pigs. He also lets us know he has Tracking, which he believes will be helpful for looking for the animals.

Plot decides on a difficulty for the corral. Because it's not very high, the 8 pStam Bob spends are enough to complete it. Plot decides that finding wild pigs is easy, but horses are pretty much non-existent. They set a low difficulty for the pigs and a medium difficulty for the horses. They decide that, due to having Tracking, the sStam spent is more efficient, so they pigs are completed. They let Bob know that he sees plenty of signs of wild pigs. Because the horses are a much higher difficulty, Bob doesn't complete this Endeavor. Plot lets him know this, and informs him that he can continue the task next time.