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Last Post 30 Mar 2019 06:28 PM by  PlotStewart
Veldatha Awaits!
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New Colonist

New Colonist

30 Mar 2019 06:28 PM
    Veldatha Awaits!

    The Empire Seeks Colonists To Emigrate to Veldatha

    Hardy adventurers! Brave pioneers! The Empire invites you to settle in the newly discovered continent of Veldatha! Travel to Mina Bay, and start out on a new life of challenge and adventure!

    Upon arriving at the settlement, you will be assigned temporary quarters in a prefabricated cabin while you acclimate to your surroundings. You are free to live in the settlement, or build a small house on an assigned land grant with permission. Or perhaps you will catch a steamboat, and explore the little known lands upriver. The possibilities are unlimited!

    The area surrounding our settlement has fertile grasslands and exploitable forests. The grasslands are just waiting for willing farmers to transform them into valuable cropland, and the tall, strong trees of the nearby forests are ready to be transformed into many useful products. Land grants are available to qualified colonists.

    Mina Bay itself is rich in fish and clams, and skilled fishermen can easily build a life for themselves. The local seaweed can we prepared into a reasonable fabric with careful drying and treatment with local animal fats. The bay is large and protected from extreme weather by the surrounding mountain ranges. Interested parties can apply for grants to start up fish farms, or simply get a rod and reel and head to the cliffs outside of town!

    Perhaps you enjoy hunting? Herds of Geth (a fast, 80-120kg herbivore) roam the grasslands in great numbers, and larger, more dangerous Padda (a 150-200kg omnivore) have been seen in the forests nearby.

    There are not many locals in the immediate area of the settlement, but the ones that we have met are quite friendly. There are no disputes regarding ownership of the settlement or the area around the settlement, and the locals are quite eager to trade for Imperial goods.

    Imperial Stipends are available for colonists, and ships are leaving monthly! Don’t let the opportunity of a lifetime slip by! Come to Veldatha!
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