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Last Post 15 Sep 2019 06:23 PM by  Rourkie
New Rulebook Coming Wednesday and XP earned
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New Colonist

New Colonist

15 Sep 2019 06:23 PM
    Hello everyone. The updated version of the rulebook will be posted late Wednesday evening. Before it goes live, I wanted to make you all aware of a change we are making to the amount of XP you have earned between events.

    As you all know, we have been conservative about the amount of XP we have rewarded in comparison to some of the cost of the skills and other attributes in the rulebook. We wanted to let an event or two go by to allow us a baseline as to how the new system worked, and we didn't want to take away any skills from our players if we had to scale back.
    Based on your feedback and our observations, all XP earned between events will now be doubled. This includes XP for events, PELs, Cleanup, NPCing other LARPS and donations. The only thing this does not apply to is starting XP. So, each event is (at its baseline) now worth 40 XP (20 XP for attending, 10 for cleanup, and 10 for PEL).
    This change is retroactive, so any rewards you have earned up to this point have also been doubled. Remember that all character updates should go through, and if you are unsure of how much XP you have to spend, you may also check in with Laura Hodgkins Schultz there as well.
    We wanted to announce this early so you can plan on where you are spending your extra XP.

    Also, as a reminder, please preregister if you think you are going to be coming to the event. Preregistration can be done through our site,, or can be sent via email to . You don't have to pay to preregister, and can pay on site, but if you show up and we don't have you on our list, you don't get the $20 preregistration discount.

    That's it for now. Looking forward to seeing you all in October!
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